Baseball team travel baseball “games”

Ching Chen Ching Li Wanling/reported yesterday from the Wuxi dongbeitang high school (Xishan mountain sports school) MLB American League major league baseball development center in Wuxi was informed by Xu Guiyuan graduates of the school, Chen Yanpeng officially selected for the Chinese national baseball team squad, will play March 2017, held in Tokyo, Japan, WBC World Baseball Classic. World Baseball Classic (World Baseball Classic) is the MLB Baseball Major League and the International Baseball Association, co-founder of the international baseball competition for International’s biggest baseball event in the history of baseball, which has the status of football “World Cup”, called baseball’s “Olympics”.

Xu Guiyuan was known to be in 2015, earlier on July 22. Xu Guiyuan was only 19 years old, and MLB major league baseball Baltimore Orioles Team signed MLB to cultivate young talents in China was signed by Major League clubs in the first person.

Compared with Xu Guiyuan, Chen Yanpeng name not known by too many people. Nevertheless, referring to his baseball resume is not low profile. In 2014, South Canberra Cavalry in two DC players participating in the training, Chen Yanpeng is one.

In 2015, the MLB home run contest in College, Chen Yanpeng blockbuster; domestic competition to lay a solid foundation, after MLB Baseball elite camp in Los Angeles in the United States, Chen Yanpeng expectations hit a solo homerun. This homers flew in the air full of 370 feet (113 meters), which is a home run in any standard baseball game. Growing footprints for all to see, has been recognized by the County Bar Association, gave Chen Yanpeng the national team the opportunity to battle WBC. If their performance in this game, will have the opportunity to represent the Chinese national baseball squad Tokyo Olympics in 2020.